File a Charitable Complaint

The Ohio Attorney General's Charitable Law Section typically receives about 750 complaints per year. The types of complaints the office investigates include misuse of charitable funds, fraudulent fundraising activities, violations of professional solicitation standards, bingo and charitable gaming issues, nonprofit theft and embezzlement, and breaches of fiduciary duty by nonprofit leaders.

The most common issues that require action by the Charitable Law Section fall into a few primary areas:

  • Misuse of charitable funds by nonprofits or individuals associated with the charity
  • Professional solicitation and nonprofit fundraising
  • Bingo and charitable gaming

If you suspect a violation of charitable laws is occurring, you can file a complaint by completing and submitting the online complaint form, by calling the Ohio Attorney General Help Center at 800-282-0515 or by completing the paper complaint form and submitting it via mail or email.



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