Professional Solicitors & Fund-raising Counsel

Nonprofit organizations sometimes hire companies – including professional solicitors and fund-raising counsel – to handle their fundraising activities. Ohio requires such businesses to register online with the attorney general's office before starting any fundraising work. This registration is valid for up to one year and expires on March 31st if not renewed.

Professional Solicitors

With some limited exceptions, a professional solicitor is any person, group, or other entity that, for compensation, performs on behalf of or for the benefit of a charitable organization any service in connection with which contributions are or will be solicited in Ohio by the compensated professional or by any person it employs, procures, or otherwise engages directly or indirectly to solicit contributions; see Ohio Revised Code (ORC) Section 1716.01.

Fund-raising Counsel

With some limited exceptions, a fund-raising counsel is any person, group, or other entity that, for compensation, plans, manages, advises, consults, or prepares material for or with respect to the solicitation in Ohio of contributions for any charitable organization or at any time has custody of contributions from a solicitation, but does not solicit contributions and does not employ, procure, or otherwise engage any compensated person to solicit contributions; see ORC 1716.01.

Fund-raising counsel are required to register with the Ohio Attorney General only if they will at any time have custody of charitable contributions from a solicitation conducted in Ohio.