Charity Registration

Charities operating in the State of Ohio are required to file a one-time registration and then submit annual reports with the Ohio Attorney General’s Office. These filings are public and contribute to accountability and transparency within the charitable sector.

Charities must use our online system to register and file their annual reports. We encourage organizations to have multiple individuals associated with their accounts in order to receive reminders on filing deadlines, confirmation of filings, and other important information.

Charitable Registration Webinar

This one-hour webinar provides a basic overview of registration and filing requirements for Ohio's charities and those soliciting citizens of the state. The webinar will also discuss the online system used to facilitate those filings. Visit the Charitable Webinars page to register for the live webinar, which is held at noon on the third Wednesday of each month, or to view the prerecorded version of the webinar at your convenience.