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Legal Change Requires Electronic Payments for Charitable Registration Fees

September 22, 2020
Charities must now pay fees through the Ohio Attorney General’s Office online charitable registration system with a credit card or electronic payment due to a recent change to the Ohio Administrative Code.

The change to Ohio Administrative Code removes the ability of charities to mail in payments by check. This change was approved by the Joint Committee on Agency Rule Review in August and became effective on Friday, Sept. 11. The online registration system began accepting only electronic payments on Thursday, Sept. 17.

The online system that charities use to make their annual filings with the Ohio Attorney General’s Office provides clear instructions for the various electronic options that can be used.

“This change will enhance the security of payments made by charities,” said Charitable Law Section Chief Dan Fausey.

“The secured portals used for making electronic payments provide far more protection and documentation for charities. There is an instant record of payment made through the portal that removes any questions about whether a check was timely sent and received,” he said. “Additionally, fewer charities have been mailing in checks and have already elected to make electronic payments. We made this change to enhance the registration process for our charities and for administering the system the most effectively,” he said.

Electronic payments are already required for charities seeking bingo licenses. Bingo manufacturers and distributors, as well as professional solicitors, also make electronic payments in connection with their filing requirements.

Ohio charities and charities solicitating Ohioans are required to register in our registration system and file annual reports about the activities of the organization. Some organizations like those that are exclusively religious are exempted from this requirement. The information provided through the reporting process is made available to the public in an effort to encourage wise giving decisions. Donors are encouraged to use the Research Charities feature to make certain that any organization they may support financially is properly registered and to learn about the activities of the charity. Click here to learn whether a particular charity is properly registered in the state.

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